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Inflatable defense 2.05 m high. It is made of a soft and resistant PVC, and seamless. It has no rigid part that can cause damage or chafing.

The base is water fillable, with a diameter of 56 cm. When the inflatable is hit by the ball, it immediately regains the vertical position, thanks to its base of great dimension and stability. The inflatable, once swollen and with the base full of water, has a weight of approximately 23 kg.

It has two handles on the sides, made of PVC of greater rigidity than the body of the inflatable, which facilitates transport and placement.

Deflating takes up little space, making transportation and storage easier.

It is ideal for tactical work and center-finishing actions. In the case of center-finisher, it forces the centerer to improve its center accuracy and the one who finishes to assess its space-time.

It is ideal for specific work with doormen. It hinders the complete vision of the doorman, facilitates contact (not injury), improves space-time perception in the centers, ...

Avoid injuries and encourage contact with the opponent (doll).

It is suitable for use on both natural grass and artificial turf and on all types of floors for gyms and sports floors, such as futsal, basketball, handball and other sports.

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